Can my partners feel my NuvaRing?

Written by Rachel Giuliani

Getting intimate with the birth control ring

Short answer: usually not, and those who do usually don't find it to be a problem. If it does cause you or your partner discomfort, you can safely take it out for up to three hours.

The NuvaRing is a small, flexible plastic loop (anyone remember jelly bracelets from the nineties?) that you put in your vagina. The plastic contains the hormones that prevent pregnancy, which are slowly released over the course of the month. The Nuvaring lasts for three weeks, after which you would either remove it for a week (like the placebo week in a pack of birth control pills) or replace it with a new ring to skip your period.

Studies have found that, at least during penis-in-vagina sex, the vast majority of NuvaRing users and their partners felt no difference.

The NuvaRing is held in place by the muscles in the vaginal wall, and there’s not a lot of room for it to move around (and no, it can’t get ‘lost’ inside you!). The biggest risk of movement with the NuvaRing is it falling out after sex, while straining on the toilet, or while removing a tampon. So it’s a good idea to check on it to make sure it’s still safe and sound before and after sex.

You can get the NuvaRing with a prescription from your primary care doctor, at Planned Parenthood, or online!

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